Exercise shoes: 8 of the best options when working out


Did you know that Americans spend over $30 billion on gyms in just one year? It’s because so many Americans want to see progress with their health and their bodies. But how do you progress without the best shoes for exercising? If you have the wrong ones, you can injure yourself and have to sit down (wasting money on your gym).

With this list of eight of the best exercise shoes, you won’t have to worry about lack of progress or getting injured again and again. Read on to find out which shoes are best for you.

1. Nike Metcon 7

If you’re looking for a training shoe that’s one of the best shoes for general exercise, look no further than the Nike Metcon 7.

Whether you’re lifting weights, working out in a HIIT class, or trying out CrossFit, these shoes are for you. The foam in the shoe also supports sprinting if you’re training with sprints for an event (or just because).

Before buying the shoes, know that they are a little heavier for their class. Also, they don’t completely lock your heel, so you may feel some movement in the heel.

2. Air Jordan Futures

The Air Jordan Futures is a unique and stylish design that can be your weekend warrior shoe or your athletic shoe.

You can choose between a few different color options like black and white Oreo, dark gray with a lemon/lime sole, all black, or army. There are also a ton of other options.

3. Under Armor Tribase Reign 3

Have you ever had a workout shoe that you hated because you took it off after a hard workout and got sweaty feet? Well, with the Under Armor Tribase Reign 3, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

The breathable material on the upper part of the shoe is also durable but avoids any discomfort caused by sweating.

If you’re trying to lift weights, the extra support at the bottom of the shoe will support any type of weight you lift. You also won’t have to worry about slipping in the gym or on a run due to the high traction on the bottom of the shoes.

If you’re wondering what’s different between these and their predecessor, it’s all about breathability!

4. New Balance MXTRNRV1

As expensive as workout shoes can be, these New Balance trainers are designed not to break the bank. Even though they are cheaper than many other options, you still get the value you want in a good training shoe.

However, it is important to note that you get what you pay for. Although inexpensive, there are certainly more stylish shoes on the market.

5. Nike Free X Metcon 2

If you want to look like you’re the hardest working at the gym (whether you are or not), these shoes will make you look like the part.

They also have great support, especially if you train with sprints or run more often than if you train with weights in the gym. That said, the ankle support is great, but it might take a bit of getting used to as the shoes hug your ankles quite tightly.

6. On Cloud X

As a runner, choosing the right kind of shoes for your training is crucial to avoid unexpected injuries.

With On Cloud X, you can worry less and train more. These shoes are best known for their lightweight material and comfortable frame. But because they’re lightweight, if you’re prone to ankle sprains or shin splints, you might want to look elsewhere as the stability isn’t there.

If you’re looking for a different look with your workout or athletic shoes, this is a great pair to look at as the design is a bit out of the ordinary.

7. Xero HFS Shoes

If you spend most of your time inside the gym, Xero shoes are a great option. Although they aren’t talked about as often, that doesn’t mean they don’t do the job.

They are great for lighter strength and flexibility exercises like a short break from yoga or a pilates class.

Be careful, traction is not optimal in wet weather! It can get a little slippery, so it’s best to use it only indoors.

8. HOKA ONE Arahi

A new training shoe on the market, the HOKA ONE took the running community by surprise when it was first released. But these are some of the best running shoes out there.

The stability of the shoes makes them a little clumsier, but they provide extra support for overpronation, inward rolling, and trying too hard to correct your gait.

And if you’re trying to get your run going faster, the HOKA ONE Arahi is the perfect shoe to get the heel-toe strike you want to go faster right off the bat. You’ll also get extra comfort from the shoe’s added support and cushion.

Train in these shoes for exercise

Choosing the best shoes for exercise can be overwhelming, to say the least.

You’re probably looking for color, style, support, traction, stability and more. And with so many companies selling athletic shoes, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you.

But with this list, you should be able to narrow it down from these eight to the ones you like the most!

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