Emily In Paris Star Reveals Character’s Shoes Impacted Her Health


Emily in Paris star Lily Collins reveals that the shoes her character wore while filming the show had an impact on her podiatric health.

Emily in Paris star, Lily Collins, says wearing multiple pairs of heels while filming the show took a toll on her health. The Netflix series follows the eponymous Emily who moves from the United States to France in order to pursue her career in the marketing industry. Emily joins the French marketing company Savoir and must balance her professional aspirations with her love life and her efforts to settle in her new hometown of Paris.

Collins’ character is often shown in striking and unique head-to-toe outfits throughout the series. Her wardrobe in Season 2 is put together by costume designer Patricia Field. Emily shows off these outfits in Paris both during her work day and during her free time. Since taking over as head of marketing, her style has been part of how she not only puts forward for herself, but also for Know, a longtime theme for series creator Darren Star. Star also created sex and the city with main character Carrie Bradshaw dressing in several iconic outfits throughout the series. Similar to SATC be filmed in the city of the title, Emily in Paris is largely shot in Île-de-France, which is the largest region in France with Paris at its center.


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Collins recently spoke with Jimmy Fallon about The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on how the shoe choices on set for Emily impacted her podiatric health. Collins notes that the large amount of cobbled streets, which add to Paris’ charm and history, also made filming while wearing heels extremely difficult. She says the pain of walking in heels every day led her to a weekly visit to a podiatrist to “fix his feet“Collins also ordered custom insoles for every pair of shoes she wore on the show to ease the pain in her feet during filming. Collins jokingly states that she would be filming”Emily in apartmentsfor future seasons.

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The outfits Collins wears on the show are sometimes met with praise and other times with criticism due to their daring fashion choices. Heels are traditionally associated with more formal attire, however, this concept is changing with the modern era. Several iterations of flats are often worn by professionals, although classic black loafers or slip-ons might not be as eye-catching for Emily on the streets of Paris as multicolored stilettos.

Recently, sneakers have appeared in the fashion world, worn not only by celebrities walking the streets of Los Angeles and New York, but also in the fashion shows themselves. This tendency, along with the distress that heels cause to Collins’ feet, raises the question of whether it is still necessary for Emily’s character to wear heels. The coronavirus pandemic has also created situations where many people who previously wore business or casual attire to work are now wearing more casual types of clothing while working remotely, leading many people to question the need for “professional” dress as a professional standard. Maybe the next seasons of Emily in Paris will show Emily wearing more flats or sneakers throughout the series, not only to help defend the actors setting boundaries that prioritize their health more during filming, but also as a sign that Emily’s character is part of the modern world that is beginning to accept more causal forms of dress in the workplace.

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