Eco-friendly shoes and other men’s wardrobe pieces that make a difference


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Being a steward of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. In his final post, the Boy Scouts of America founder delivered his now famous quote, “try to leave this world a little better than you found it.” If you’re like most people, you make efforts in your life to minimize your footprint – from discontinuation of single-use items to take the bus instead of owning a car.

Your wardrobe is an area that you may not think about much and which, in fact, has a huge impact on the environment. Although you shouldn’t skimp on certain items such as cologne or perfume – although you can sometimes find popular cologne as well as popular perfumes. discount perfume brands if you check online – if you’re looking to do more of the environment with your clothes, keep reading about what you can wear, from choosing more eco-friendly footwear to the accessories you buy.

Breathable Tops

Whether you need clothes to wear on a hike or shirts for the office, wearing breathable tops made from natural textiles makes a huge difference for the planet and your health. By choosing natural materials such as cotton or linen, you are much more comfortable, but when the clothes no longer fit you or are too damaged to be worn, they can easily be recycled.

Cotton is great for everything from outdoor activities to lounging around Netflix. Linen is another material most associated with summer, but the reason it’s cool and breathable in the summer is because linen regulates temperature, which means it’s also great in fall.

Shoes matter

Shoes are one of the worst offenders when it comes to environmental damage. It takes about 2200 gallons of water to make a pair of shoes and generates 30 pounds of carbon dioxide to make a pair. On top of that, cattle ranching is the biggest contributor to deforestation in the Amazon. It may surprise you to learn, but fifty percent of all leather is used to create footwear globally.

It all adds up to the fact that your footwear is the biggest area to find a company that aligns with your values ​​across the planet and sustainability. Whether you’re looking for men’s low-top sneakers or high heels, look for brands that make a difference and don’t harm the environment.

true blue

One of the most iconic fashion pieces is also an enduring choice – blue jeans. Blue jeans go with everything, so if part of your effort to reduce environmental impact is minimalist living, blue jeans are a staple in any capsule wardrobe. Plus, blue jeans are virtually 100% cotton, so finding brands that use sustainable cotton is a breeze. Finally, quality denim jeans can go months without being washed, reducing your water consumption through unnecessary laundry loads.

Buy it for life

When you buy an item that you can’t buy a vegan version of, for example moccasins or leather boots, you want to try to buy it for life. Whatever your budget, buy the highest quality item you can afford with the idea that you are buying it for life. So many clothes and shoes end up in landfills that they can take more than fifty years to decompose. You reduce your consumption and your waste by buying something that you will never need to replace. The wardrobe essentials where it’s easy to stay eco-friendly and buy for life are shoes, jeans, suits and accessories – no one expects your underwear last forever!

Sustainable ski lives

Speaking of underwear, even though no one expects it to last a lifetime, you can make a positive difference by choosing long-lasting skivvies. From bamboo, sustainable cotton, silk or linen fabric, there are underwear options that are good for the planet. In addition to the positive impacts on Earth, the fabrics mentioned above are much more comfortable and breathable than their synthetic counterparts. And, they won’t last forever; they’ll break down in no time when they end up in a landfill. Do your butt and the planet a favor and invest in some.

Our shopping habits have a bigger impact than we think. While it takes some getting used to being more intentional with how we stock our closets and dressers, you can feel good about where your money is going. Try to find brands with a mission that aligns with your values ​​to ensure they’re still around and providing quality, eco-friendly choices for years to come!

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