Distinctive and efficient new NASS showroom design


Congratulations to Rick Bacon, Edward Dohring, MD (2022 North American Spine Society President, now Past President), and the entire NASS team for a surprising and particularly well-received redesign of the Classical Medical Devices Exhibit Hall .

NASS Medical Device Exhibit Hall / Courtesy of North American Spine Society

Gone is the traditional grid format for exhibitors. In its place was a surgical stage, right in the middle of the exhibition hall.

Literally and figuratively, NASS places education and training at the center of all trade shows for implants, instruments, robotics and biologics.

All the roads (or main thoroughfares) were angled in such a way as to naturally direct surgeon traffic to the surgical stage. (See diagram below).

The first company to use the stadium was Joimax, followed by Spinal Elements, Medtronic, Intrinsic Therapeutics/Barricade, Adcura and Stryker (winner, by the way, of OTW‘s 2022 Best Technology in Spine Award).

Dr. Pierce Nunley runs a cadaver lab at NASS 2022 Surgical Stage / Courtesy of Spinal Elements

Attendance averaged 200 people per session.

Later, we had the opportunity to meet Spinal Elements Director of Marketing and Business Development, Rick Simmons. How satisfied was he with the result? I believe he was walking about three inches off the ground with stars in his eyes.

For his session in the surgical stage, Simmons arranged for Dr. Pierce Nunley, president of the American Board of Spine Surgery, associate editor for The spine diary and assistant professor of surgery at LSU to teach a cadaver lab about Spinal Element’s new KARMA system.

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Thomas Eakins: “The Agnew Clinic”.

The audience was seated in bleachers that rose at an angle from the demonstration surgical table. It reminded me of early operating theaters where doctors and students sat at similar angles so they could watch the action on the table. A bit like Thomas Eakins’ famous painting, “The Agnew Clinic”.

After their session, it should be noted that Simmons scheduled a follow-up lab at the NASS Surgical Innovation Labs where public surgeons could immediately try the procedure for themselves.

Massive monitors hovered above the audience where every nuance of the proceedings was captured and broadcast.

Designing the showroom center as a surgical stage, where master professors like Dr. Pierce Nunley could lecture, demonstrate the use of typical surgical equipment, and answer questions was a learning and educational experience. demonstrably effective education.

Rick Bacon, always the best-dressed guy in NASS with his bow tie and pointy shoes, led the effort to make this great idea a reality.

So join me and give the NASS team a pat on the back for kicking off this post-COVID meeting with panache, great turnout, and an innovative redesign of the good old showroom. It was long overdue.

Dr. Pierce Nunley runs a cadaver lab at NASS 2022 Surgical Stage / Courtesy of Spinal Elements

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