Diesel launches inflatable art pop-up in Shanghai


On August 26, famous Italian fashion brand Diesel opened a pop-up store for its latest fall and winter 2022 collection in Shanghai.

Located in TX Huaihai, Shanghai’s hip landmark, the fashion brand has strategically placed a giant inflatable doll installation at the main entrance of the pop-up store. The inflatable sculpture spanned approximately 7 meters in length, featuring a Sim-like face created from a collage of hundreds of different 2D images and the brand’s signature denim garments.

The inflatable sculpture brought quite a shocking visual experience to everyone, with some commenting on the disturbing appearance of the inflatable sculpture. These bold artistic sculptures designed by Diesel’s new creative director, Glenn Martens, however, aim to catch the eye of young Chinese trend explorers.

Each 25 x 50 foot sculpture is meant to give audiences a truly intimate view of the collection, with some of the sculptures clutching the brand’s dynamic D-logo mini handbags and lazing around in faux denim knits.

On Weibo, the hashtag “Incoming Giant Phantom Tour” has more than 100 million views, and various KOLs posted photos standing next to the fashionable giant figures or in front of the collection’s ready-to-wear shoes and accessories.

The brand that was once a fashion staple of the 2000s now manufactures a return to the West as it gradually returns to pop culture and second-hand circles. Although the Y2K craze has spread to China, it’s still unclear if Diesel’s comeback will catch on among China’s young trend explorers.

With 56 stores already established in Greater China and a plan to expand to 2nd and 3rd tier cities, Diesel seems ready to do what it can to secure the Chinese market. In the meantime, the giant sex doll and Diesel pop-up store will continue to generate buzz as they tour many cities across China.

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