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Poland-based indie developer and publisher Yeyuna has revealed that they have a new simulation title on the way for shoe fans with Personalized sneaker simulator. If the name didn’t already warn you, this game will basically allow you to build, design, and customize a pair of sneakers however you see fit with a range of tools used by those who do custom designs all the time. The game actually works in two ways as you can use it for the purpose of tracking and creating designs based on what the game wants or you can play it for free and use the tools here to create the look you want by using items that you may not readily have available to you. But at the very least, you could design something to do in the future. The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but while it follows the pattern of most announced simulation titles, we’re guessing you won’t see it until 2023.

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Personalized sneaker simulator will allow you to sit in your own workshop, which you can develop with new elements, tools and models of shoes as well as the realization of subsequent orders. Every aspect of the game has been designed to best reflect the painting process. In addition to painting, we can also repair damaged shoes, clean them and, after painting, apply the necessary care impregnations.

By completing orders in the story mode, increase your skill level and win to develop your workshop. Each order has specific requirements that we must meet in order to satisfy our customers. Design mode will allow you to freely customize shoes with access to all tools, save designs and export them to useful formats for true customization. Do you customize the shoes? Are you just starting out, or maybe you lack manual skills but would like to design your own shoes? Sneaker Custom Simulator will let you sit in your own workshop and create whatever you’ve always wanted!

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