Design team creates New York-style show apartment in former Nestlé factory


When Barratt London commissioned Andrew Henry Interiors to create an industrial-inspired show apartment, the design team was determined to transport visitors to the residential skyscrapers of New York City. As part of the eclectic Hayes Village development, housed in Nestlé’s historic factory, Andrew Henry Interiors has reflected the site’s manufacturing past with a focus on bespoke artwork, vintage elements and choice style to draw attention to the industrial structure of the apartment.

The development is set to attract young professionals with its ideal suburban links to London and fashionable homes. With this project, the Andrew Henry Interiors team kept the target audience and the site’s story at the forefront of the program. Creative Director Paul Garland comments: “This project was exciting for our team as it required a different approach to a traditional luxury show home. The two-bedroom show apartment was on the second floor of the building and revealed the best of open plan living. The layout of the apartment led us to opt for the New York loft style design and we wanted to emphasize the high ceilings and the amazing windows. It was important that each design element nod to the history of the site. So we used a neutral color palette with a hint of rust, adding artwork that told the story of Hayes Village’s origins.

Living/dining/kitchen area:

The spacious, open layout allowed each living space to blend into one another and although the team prioritized seamless design continuity, they also wanted each space to be defined and use touches subtle to do so. Paul comments: “The kitchen was made up of crisp white and gray units, so we decorated the worktops with a selection of mason jars, a spice rack and recipe books while the hallway featured a black coat and a shoe rack. When we moved into the main living area, we clearly focused on furniture with large textured bases and an emphasis on metal and leather materials. We have included a looped corner sofa, a leather armchair and a wooden circular coffee table. A large bespoke metal and wood media cabinet by Shelved effectively linked the various elements of the room and emphasized the purpose of the space. We wanted the house to encourage relaxation, a place where you can curl up with a book and admire the beautiful internal structure of the apartment.

With the target audience in mind, the design team chose to create both a dining space and an office space in response to modern lifestyles while incorporating loft-style elements such as metallic accents and artsy. Paul comments: “The dining room featured a black metal dining table with matching brown leather and metal dining chairs, demonstrating the perfect balance of formality and casualness. In line with contemporary hybrid work trends, we have created a stylish office nook with a desk, chair and wall shelves, again with a black metal and brown leather theme.

Of the artwork and upholstery used in each of these areas, Paul comments: “We displayed impactful artwork depicting Nestlé’s history to provide a constant yet chic reminder of the company’s past. home. We’ve also added an oversized antique clock mounted on textured wallpaper. With the room’s Crittall-style windows, we opted for floor-to-ceiling curtains to add a level of elegance to the harsh industrial design and incorporated foliage to soften the harsh lines of the home. Scattered throw pillows were strategically placed around the room, and the window treatment and throw pillows were created by Yarn and Dandy.”

Bedroom one:

The first bedroom in the apartment had oversized artwork in its center. Paul comments: “We wanted the design of the living room to fit into this bedroom and we did that using large artwork and a continuation of the natural palette with minimalist touches of rustic shades. We opted for a double height quilt style headboard to accentuate the high ceilings and chose tile wallpaper for the room. We added vintage luggage boxes at the foot of the bed, a hallmark of New York style, and placed a wooden dressing table with a circular mirror and simplistic accessories. As with the living room, this room expressed Crittall-style windows, so we layered neutral floor-to-ceiling curtains over sheer curtains.

Bedroom two:

The second bedroom followed an urban, textured and vintage theme. Paul comments: “At the entrance to the second bedroom, we placed a full-length mirror in a black frame to match the bedside tables and storage unit. We created the headboard for this room from modern slatted wood panels and uniquely placed a custom colored canvas, created by our resident artist, in the center of the headboard. Two side lamps illuminated the artwork and the room featured curtains to match bedroom one.

The show apartment offers a contemporary living space with hints of rustic urban additions through color, texture and materials. The design accentuates the high ceilings and large windows while creating a comfort zone.

Saira Khan, from Barratt London, comments: “The team at Andrew Henry Interiors have created an incredible show apartment displaying all that Hayes Village is all about. The carefully considered design and styling of the apartment emphasizes the industrial feel of the wider development and it is remarkable how the history of the site can be so easily reflected through the interior design.

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