Derrick Rose releases his unique Yeezy shoes


It’s been two years since Ye first unveiled a collaboration between Yeezy and New York Knicks player Derrick Rose. Despite low demand for the joint silhouette, it looks like the two have continued to tweak their project. The slip-on shoes, known only as “YZY Rose”, were spotted on Rose himself as he walked through Madison Square Garden ahead of a Knicks game on Wednesday night.

Rose’s off-court look marks a rare appearance for the shoes. Kanye and Rose have sporadically teased prototypes of the YZY Rose online – with basketball player Alaina’s wife serving as the key model for the ribbed shoes – but no one has been able to say how the clogs actually react to movement until here. Their construction, similar to that of the Yeezy Foam Runner, seems ideal for comfort – but not necessarily a quick basketball game, which is what Ye and Rose designed the shoes for.

Intended only for hype? — Last year, Ye and Rose shared future plans for the YZY Rose, including suggested project updates, field plans and next steps – seemingly confirming that the ridge-like shoes would be making their way. walk to the NBA courts. After Twitter users compared the shoe to fish bones, worms and other less tasteful objects, Rose also expressed her support for Kanye in an Instagram post. “[Kanye] stands for Black Opulence and we love Ye for it and always will,” he wrote. Rose, however, did not comment on the timelessness of her joint Yeezy model.

From recent photos of the YZY Rose, it looks like there have been few changes to the hoof. The ridges continue to add texture to the slip-on, but a slightly tweaked pattern appears to provide additional underfoot traction – a key update if the shoes hit hardwood. An all-white makeup makes the YZY Rose’s construction more visible, showing off defined arch support and slightly upturned toes. The shoe remains laceless, meaning its upper is flexible enough to slip on and off while (hopefully) maintaining a secure fit.

The ball is life – Rose, like Ye, is part of the Adidas family – and over the past year it has become clear that the brand is hoping to revive its basketball department. At the end of 2020, Adidas began its on-court renaissance by signing Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo to drive the creative and commercial strategy globally for its basketball business, and last year continued the effort by giving NBA star Trae Young his own mock-up sneaker.

Re-releases of Adidas’ most popular basketball shoes, such as Tracy McGrady’s T-Mac 1 “All-Star” sneaker, followed new releases, the most notable being the Adidas Yeezy BSKTBL Knit. Whether the YZY Rose will actually hit the court – or even step out at all – is still debatable, but the names attached to the shoe should be more than enough of a selling point for Adidas.

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