David Lucas founded a design company with his sisters and found LGBTQ + acceptance


“Art is an important element in making a space feel elevated,” he adds. “Find a piece or two that speaks to you and let them create that elegance. Art doesn’t have to be expensive. We found paintings by unknown artists at reasonable prices on the walls of local cafes. It is important that the art is framed by professionals. It’s amazing what a beautiful setting can do. All this will be for nothing if you do not take your lighting into account! Think about how you can create a few layers of lighting – lamps, accent lighting, etc. It will make a huge difference in your space.

Design is not a luxury, says David. In many ways, it’s a personal investment. “Feeling good in our home makes us feel better about ourselves and prepares us for a better life in the world,” he says. “I believe it.”

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