Customer sues New York shoe store Santoni North America for over $ 7,000 in moccasins


A Madison Avenue luxury shoe store tried to trample on a well-heeled customer – asking him for nearly $ 7,000 for a custom order he repeatedly made incorrectly, the boss accuses in a trial.

Justin Mills wanted a pair of handmade Italian shoes for $ 4,400 in the fall of 2019, before the pandemic hit, from Santoni in North America, but never got what he asked for. he accused in a trial in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“You pay so much because it’s something you’re going to use every day, and for [have] last a very long time. That’s the idea, ”said Mills, 30, who attends Tennessee Law School and frequently visits the Big Apple.

Justin Mills is studying at Tennessee Law School.

He deposited $ 2,200 on a pair of Oxfords, with a single seam on the back, according to court documents. But he ended up with a style of shoe “priced at thousands of dollars less, a double monk strap with toe cap,” he says.

“I was actually a little surprised, as this was the totally incorrect type of shoe for what I ordered,” he said.

The store agreed to reorder “due to an obvious mistake,” and it requested that the new pair be widened at the toes, to prevent sore feet, Mills said in the lawsuit.

He was unable to pick up the replacement pair for several months due to the pandemic, and when he finally arrived in New York City to pick up his shoes, Mills again said he was disappointed.

“The fit was too tight,” he said,

Shoes at the Santoni store in Manhattan.
The $ 7,000 shoes could be priced higher for the luxury shoe store as law student Justin Mills claims $ 20,000 in damages.
Santoni North America
Mills puts his foot down and acts as his own lawyer in the lawsuit against Santoni North America.
JCRice for NY Post

A Santoni manager vowed to correct the problem, but Mills says months of radio silence followed and when he showed up with the manager in December, he was kicked in the stomach.

Santoni would have wanted the balance of $ 2,200 from the order refunded, plus an additional $ 2,500 charge to complete the repairs, says Mills, who declined to fork what would have been a total cost of nearly $ 7,000. to make his shoes correctly.

“I wasn’t going to do that – spend $ 2,500 more and more than what was supposed to be the total,” he said.

Instead, he dismounts, acting as his own lawyer to sue Santoni North America for $ 20,000 in damages.

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