Crocs, Puma Just Dropped Shoes inspired by popular snacks


Fashion and fast food have long gone hand in hand. Whether it’s Supreme and Oreo or Anti Social Social Club and Panda Express, we seem to hear about a new partnership between a major fashion house and a fast food chain every week – the high-low collaborations are both figured and literally devoured by generations of Fans.

Now that we’re decades past the hoodies that say Coca-Cola (KO) – Get Coca-Cola Company Report or McDonald’s (MCD) – Get McDonald’s Corporation report, the latest collaborations are happening in the world of footwear. Before St. Patrick’s Day, Crocs (CROSS) – Get the report from Crocs, Inc. and General Mills (GIS) – Get the report from General Mills, Inc. have teamed up to release a Lucky Charms-themed clog in the cereal’s signature red and yellow colors.

A magically delicious clog?

Jibbitz, or charms of different images and characters that can be used to personalize Crocs, will mimic the marshmallows found in sugary cereal: a rainbow, a shooting star, a green clover hat, a unicorn and a “lucky charm”. ” sign.

“This exclusive shoe will bring you all kinds of good luck on this St. Patrick’s Day,” reads the shoe’s description in reference to the celebration of Irish culture and heritage that takes place on March 17 every year. . The Crocs themselves are $59.99 while the set of 5 charms sells for an additional $19.99.

It seems to be a yearly collaboration as, last year, Crocs also released a Lucky Charms themed clog in light yellow.

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Puma’s New Sneaker Is Meant To Look Like A White Castle Burger

Not to be outdone, Puma (PUMA) has also teamed up with burger chain White Castle to make a shoe that’s supposed to literally look like a slider. The orange, beige and brown color scheme of the PUMA x White Castle RS-X sneaker represents the colors of the chain’s Cheese Sliders (there are also hints of light green apparently for lettuce) while the sneaker’s tongues have a White Castle logo and their signature “What You Crave” slogan.

A limited edition item, these shoes are for true fans of the burger chain that started in Kansas 101 years ago. The insole pattern has a print of roasted onions while the lace eyelet has 5¢ written on it (That was the price of the slider when White Castle was launched in 1921.)

“We made this one for the enthusiasts,” Puma said in a statement. “The all-new PUMA x WHITE CASTLE collaboration draws inspiration from iconic square sliders and instantly recognizable wraps to transform classic PUMA silhouettes.”

Those who love White Castle so much can pick them up at Puma, Champs Sports and Foot Locker stores for $120.

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