Cory Dunham, CEO of BDB Marketing Design, LLC, interviewed on the Inspired Business Leaders podcast


Cory explains how generosity, compassion and integrity guide our actions.

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Cory shared, “Generosity, compassion and integrity are three of the most important values ​​that guide our actions. By definition, generosity is the quality of being kind and giving, while compassion is the feeling of concern or pity for others. On the other hand, integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. These three values ​​are essential in the conduct of our actions because they promote positive social interactions and a sense of responsibility towards others.

Generosity leads to positive social interactions because it encourages people to be kind and to give to others. When people are generous with their time, energy, or resources, it creates opportunities for positive social interactions. For example, offering to help someone with shopping or donating time to help a charity are all acts of generosity. These acts not only make the recipient feel good, they also make the giver feel good. Generosity creates a sense of connection and community, which is essential for a healthy society.

Compassion guides people’s actions because it allows them to empathize with others. When people see someone going through a tough time, they can put themselves in their shoes and understand how they feel. This understanding leads to compassion, which then drives them to action. For example, if they see someone homeless, they can be moved to give them money or food. Compassion is essential to drive a person’s actions because it helps to connect with others and see them as human beings.

Integrity is vital because it allows people to be honest and have strong moral principles. When someone is honest, it can build trust with others. This trust is essential for positive social interactions. For example, when people make a promise to someone else, they will be more likely to trust them if they keep their word. Integrity also helps to have strong moral principles. These principles guide actions and help to make the right choices. For example, if people believe stealing is wrong, they won’t steal even if no one is watching. Integrity is essential to drive a person’s actions because it promotes honesty and accountability.

These values ​​– generosity, compassion and integrity – are essential and promote positive social interactions and a sense of responsibility towards others. When humans act with these values ​​in mind, they create a better world for all.

About Cory Dunham

When Cory’s father founded BDB Marketing Design in 1980, the Internet didn’t exist and cell phones didn’t exist. Like all businesses, they have adapted and grown to meet the needs of their customers in an ever-changing landscape of innovation and changing consumer marketing trends. What hasn’t changed is their core set of values:

They believe in generosity and generosity.

Care, compassion and integrity guide their actions.

They appreciate and accept that people and businesses are rich and unique.

Their clients are often overwhelmed with the enormous task of marketing their business. The knowledge and skills required to find and build relationships with customers are daunting and overwhelming for most. By taking on the role of partner rather than supplier, BDB eases that burden and helps its clients enjoy the fun and adventure that comes from confident and successful marketing.

Perhaps the best lesson Cory has learned is that fear and disbelief are overcome by action and faith that yes, he can overcome bumps, hills and mountains. He is passionate about mentoring and instilling confidence and compassion in young adults. Simply put, speaking from conviction and being nice to everyone makes the world a little better every day.

Outside of the office, he is an active and adventurous family man who enjoys reading, taking walks, playing volleyball and riding his bike. It might surprise those who have met him to know that he is a private pilot who enjoys skydiving and motorcycling. He believes in personal growth and strives to help others break down their limitations and achieve more than they ever thought possible. He treasures his faith, his time with his family, and his work to preserve the land for future generations.

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