‘Clyde Drexler would wear 2 left shoes rather than admit his weakness to Michael Jordan!’: How the 6’6″ Bulls icon angered the NBA legend during Dream Team scrums


Michael Jordan was synonymous with the spirit of competition and victory in the NBA.

The Bulls superstar was a phenomenon that increased the league’s popularity around the world. MJ was the face of the league and his 6 rings speak to his success.

Michael Jordan and the Bulls took the league by storm in the 90s. Many legends were left ringless due to their dominance under Phil Jackson. Two hat-tricks was an incredible feat that this team achieved with relative ease.

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One of the stars whose legacy was hurt the most by the Bulls, and Michael Jordan in particular, was Clyde Drexler.

Clyde “The Glide” Drexler was a stellar basketball player. However, their careers had been linked since draft day, with Portland passing Michael Jordan because they had already drafted Clyde Drexler.

Drexler was the same height and played the same position as MJ. This forced Portland to go in a different direction and draft Sam Bowie with the No. 2 overall pick in 1984.

The two guards, however, played together for the Dream Team in Barcelona. Their shared experience is well documented.

How was the relationship between Michael Jordan and Clyde Drexler during their time with the Dream Team?

Drexler and Jordan had a rivalry that was at its height by the time of the Barcelona Olympics. Drexler fell just behind MJ in the MVP rankings in 1991-92. Jordan also beat the Drexler Blazers in the NBA Finals and “shrugged” it.

And predictably, the talkative freak of a rival that MJ was didn’t let Drexler forget about the Ls. “Didn’t I just kick your ass?” was a choice greeting and was therefore a sneaky “Better watch out for these three”.

Once, Drexler accidentally picked up two left shoes in a gear set and didn’t even bother to rectify his mistake. Michael pounced on the mistake and rubbing insult against insult scared him. This story was told by Dream Team member Chris Mullin and reveals the kind of banter that took place in practice.

Never letting your rivals thrive even when they were teammates is as MJ as it gets. However, Jordan and Drexler became great friends. Despite the heckling and pecks, the two legendary guards have become two peas in a pod. A common factor was undoubtedly a mutual love for golf.

The new golf buddies bonded during their time with the Dream Team. Drexler even admitted that he took the trash can as a compliment. He considered it a sign of respect from MJ.

Oh for being a fly on the wall during their golf duels. Did Drexler make up for the Ls he took in their alternative sport? Seeing how many times they have played, it seems that is the case.

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