Clogs: The shoes that will be trendy in spring summer 2022


the clogs: You either love them or hate them, but their positioning is clearer than ever. Everything is cyclical, designs come and go, as imagined with the urban aesthetics of the 90s and the unsung combinations of the 2000s, which today lead to sophistication. Like many models, hoof they blazed their own trail to bring the ’70s back to life. They trumpeted their reign some time ago, and as the most notorious pundits and catwalks have decreed, they will absolutely conquer this summer.

When Carrie Bradshaw appears in And just like that with a combination and sole clogs wood It was noticed at that moment that the return of the said The shoes was imminent (we’ve seen it a bit in 2020, but they haven’t quite reached the threshold of victory). After carefully reviewing the list of shoes that will be fashionable in 2022 i was invaded by an indescribable nostalgia, of course the shoes i wore a few years ago went viral and i did not hesitate for a second to run dust them off hoof nude suede and wooden heel that I bought from a local store in my town and still have.

Between the most remarkable aesthetic of the season, there is this one ugly. We’ve seen it in sandals, sneakers, clothes and, of course, in the clogs. This fashion line is divided between comfort and inelegant finishes. But they end up becoming the most exponential trend, like Balenciaga’s Crocs or Maison Margiela’s tabi boots. Now, since they indicate to be pure attraction, then we will teach the clogs that will be seen everywhere, just let yourself be inspired.

Clogs will be a trend in spring/summer 2022

brown leather

Brunello Cucinelli, spring/summer 2022.Courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli/Gorunway

the clogs are back and the Italian firm Brunello Cucinelli will make you love them. For his Spring/Summer 2022 collection, he opted for a low design in shaded brown. The braided leather construction will veil grace in a relaxed and refined style. Dress connoisseurs encourage wearing them with cargo pants and knit sweaters, or with jeans shorn and romantic blouses.

leather with engravings

Givenchy, spring/summer 2022.


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