Cariuma leopard print shoes


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For durability and fashion, Cariuma has become a strong force with its sneaker lines proving to be the best of both worlds. Along with great collaborations with National Geographic and Crooked, several of the in-house designs are also worth more than their salt. That’s certainly the case with the company’s latest drop. Cariuma’s latest collection is no exception. The Leopard Sneakers collection is a fresh twist on some of the old favorites that are sure to have the crowds traveling. savage (feel free to growl here). The new Leopard sneakers are actually just modern twists on several of Cariuma’s classic sneaker designs, including the high-top and slip-on shoes. Most sneakers come with a full leopard print style on the outside that covers most of the top of the shoe, however, there are also pairs that have more subtle styles if you’re looking for a more understated look. As always, Cariuma has also focused on the sustainability of this line. For every purchase of shoes, two trees will be planted in at-risk forest and scrub areas in Brazil, home to much of the leopard population.

Leopard/Ivory Slip-On Skate Pro

Leather White/Salvas Leopard

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