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By Dave Sjuts

Russ and Carrie Schnittker say the items they sell at their Stuff To Treasures thrift store come from many different places. The store opened in January this year and is located at 520 West Nobes Road, Unit 2 in York.

Russ said they registered the company name last fall, not really knowing for sure what they were going to do with it. Then things started to fall into place. The place where they are has opened up across from where Russ works part-time at a home furnishing store.

“We did a lot of yard sales and thought that might be the route we wanted to go,” Russ said. “Then this place opened up and we decided to open the store. It was pretty much a God thing where it all fell into place.

As mentioned, the items they sell come from many directions. Some they get from auctions, estate sales and donations. The couple live in Friend and attend Hope Community Church in Lincoln. Their church family donates items each week which then travel to York.

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“We were blessed,” Russ said. “Each week is getting a little bit better and the feedback we’ve heard from people has been very supportive.”

He said the name of the company came from the fact that he owned all of this “stuff” and made it available to other people who could then make their own “treasures”. “It’s exciting to me if someone can buy something from our store and then make it into something they’ll really enjoy,” he added.

The opening hours of the thrift store are Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Wednesday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The store has a Facebook page and word of mouth has been good according to the couple. You can find the store on Google in the thrift store category and social media has been good too.

Merchandise is pretty much what you’ll find at most thrift stores, from some furniture to kitchenware and clothing. All books in the store are 25 cents and coffee is always served. All Bibles that are donated are distributed free of charge.

“We own everything,” Carrie said. “We are always open to negotiation if a customer thinks our price is too high. We invite everyone to come see what we have for sale.

Nebraska’s LEAD Class Includes Cornerstone Bank Farm Manager

Due to a one-year hiatus in their agriculture-based leadership development program, Nebraska LEAD Class 39 recently received their Certificates of Completion from the Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council. The LEAD 39 promotion has twenty-eight members. Included in this class is Mindy Wolf, a farm manager with Cornerstone Bank, Cale Pallas from Stromsburg, Rebekah Bankson from Hordville and Jesse Mohnike from Sutton were also other area residents who were part of the class.

The journey began in fall 2019 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus. Since then, LEAD 39 members have traveled to every corner of the state, visiting nearly every private and public college campus in Nebraska. Hundreds of speakers volunteered their time to share their knowledge with 39 LEAD Fellows. Topics presented ranged from natural resources and nuclear energy to agricultural policy and understanding leadership styles.

Graduates of the LEAD 39 program also received national training with trips to Kansas City, Washington, DC and Chicago. Some of the stops included were: KC: the regional office of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Reserve Bank; DC: Embassy of the Czech Republic, United States Department of Agriculture and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association; Chicago: Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences and Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Due to the pandemic, LEAD 39 members did not travel overseas. Instead, the class traveled to Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona. For 14 days, LEAD 39 members were able to observe first-hand farming practices of oyster and clam farming, vegetable production in hothouses, blue cheese production, alpaca farming, growing grapes for wine and raisins, finishing beef cattle, and producing vegetables in dessert conditions. .

York Chamber’s next Vibe at 5 event will be Thursday, April 21 at Corteva Agriscience located at 1410 Highway 34. The event will run from 4:30-6 p.m.

Facility tours will be offered to anyone wishing to see exactly what is going on at the production facility. If you plan to participate in the tours, closed shoes must be worn.

It’s good to see old acquaintances again. We were sitting in the clubhouse at York Country Club on Sunday afternoon watching the end of the masters tournament when four lads who had just finished playing entered. Four guys from the big city of Humphrey where I grew up.

I recognized a few right away even though it’s probably been 20-25 years since we’ve met. We had a great time catching up on different things that happened in the old hometown and reminiscing about the great basketball seasons the city’s basketball teams had this year. That included two state championships for my former alma mater and a runner-up for the St. Francis girls.

It’s always interesting to see how you can pick up relationships that were dormant for a long time and fall back into them as if you saw them a month ago.

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