Billy Donovan’s Career Success, DeMar DeRozan Keeps It Real, Goat’s Shoes and More Bulls Balls


The Mega Millions winner could be among us!

Congratulations to the neighboring Chicagoan who just gained generational wealth. And, if reading yesterday’s bullets reminded you to buy that ticket, I’d be happy to withdraw a few million as a thank you.

  • Head coach Billy Donovan recently attended an event at Providence University to honor his 1987 Final Four team. He was joined by legendary head coach Rick Pitino, whom Donovan has long praised for transformed into the basketball spirit that it is today. Pitino returned the favor when speak with NCAA reporter Andy Katz about Donovan’s coaching at the time: “Billy improved the most of any athlete I’ve ever coached, and no one was even close to him.”
  • Donovan’s NBA career may have been extremely short, but I think Pitino’s words are a testament to his work ethic on and off the court. We can forget that few active coaches have a CV as impressive as the current leader of the Bulls. The guy won a ridiculous 70.9% of his games as a college head coach, finishing with only a losing record in three of his 21 years in coaching. Then he was immediately able to string together five consecutive winning NBA campaigns, which included a trip to the NBA Finals. Rarely – and his mentor Pitino is a good example – do we see the transition from college coaches to the NBA so easily, but I think it shows just how unique and talented Donovan truly is.
  • Donovan also sat down with Katz and briefly touched on the Chicago Bulls’ upcoming season. After applauding the additions of Goran Dragic and Andre Drummond (who… huh), he brought the conversation back to the existing core of the team. The Bulls are all about internal development, and he once again preached this message:

“We really love our group of guys,” Donovan said. “Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, Nikola Vucevic, those guys have been great. Considering the fact that last time was the first time they all had a chance to play with each other, [I’m] hoping we can be better. And I hope Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso are in good health. But I think we have a lot to prove coming out of the All-Star break last year.

  • The Bulls head coach also used some surprisingly encouraging words when talking about Lonzo Ball’s rehab:
  • You can watch Donovan’s full conversation below:
  • DeMar DeRozan didn’t mince words:
  1. I’m a little surprised that this quote got so much attention. I listened to the whole DeRozan interview on The Draymond Green Show, and it was just a light exchange between two friends. Green was discussing DeRozan’s free agent process, and he mentioned that he told DeRozan he might as well come to the Warriors. DeRozan then laughed and agreed that his answer last summer was in an expletive way. But that kind of reaction to joining Green and Co. makes a lot of sense, especially when both had to know that the kind of money DeRozan deserved wasn’t there or the role.
  • Anyway, in case you missed it, here are some other great quotes from DeRozan’s interview with Green:
  • Not a bad point, Chuck. I think this is not taken into account enough when talking about the two eras. While some mean the top talent of the 90s couldn’t live in the 3-point era, are we sure some of today’s top talent could handle the old school physique?
  • Also, I love how Charles Barkley always defends Michael Jordan. Despite the downfall of the friendship between the two, Barkley never fails to give Jordan his props and hold him above everyone else. You must respect it.
  • A shoe from each of Jordan’s breakthrough games in one place. If I had won that jackpot last night, I would have bought them all.
  • Another shameless reminder that the final episode of Points in the Podcast is out. I had a very lively conversation with my colleague BNer Luis.
  • Uh, that’s a big package.

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