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Heritage Auctions is set to auction another piece of Michael Jordan’s legendary shoe.

An autographed pair of Michael Jordan shoes worn in 1986, the Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers are being put under the hammer by Heritage Auctions.

The historic pair of shoes were worn by the star on April 1, 1986 at the MECCA Arena in Milwaukee.

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Although the reserve amount for the pair is $500,000, the minimum bid starts at $29. The proxy auction will end on February 26 at 10:00 p.m. CT, while the auction dates are set for February 26 and 27. The estimated value is expected to exceed $1,000,000.

Cutting-edge leather and rubber carving is deeply rooted in American cultural iconography. These historical and revolutionary pieces are still under the radar of sneakerheads.

Compared to today’s contemporary and futuristic shoe designs, the 1986 Nike Air Jordan 1 looks pleasingly minimal. Made in a white and red colorway, the pair is adorned with Michael Jordan‘s autograph on the right shoe, next to the swoosh.

The sneakers Michael wore were slightly modified from their standard design to reduce the risk of injury to his healing bones. For the pair, the standard soles have been replaced by much softer and wider soles.

A manufacturing defect can be seen in the form of an unequal number of eyelets on each side of the tongue of the right shoe, where a punch is missing from where the third from the top should be inside ankle. The left shoe does not have this pattern and is laced correctly.

Comparing the pair with images from 1986 games, the uneven level of crossed laces is clearly noticeable.

Also missing is an eyelet on the right shoe. Additionally, the inside of the ankles of the shoe are stamped with factory code 13 860304STPS in white color. The code is completely understandable for any Air Jordan specialist.

It starts with 13 which indicates the shoe size. Followed by the year of production, written as 86. In the code, 0304 represents the month of its production, which was between March and April. Then ST stands for production site and PS stands for Player Sample. The code is significant because it is only found in the pair made for Jordan.

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