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Which white volleyball shoes are the best?

Volleyball shoes should provide as much cushioning and stabilization as possible, supporting players’ feet as they repeatedly jump and land. The right shoe keeps players healthy.

However, having a safe shoe doesn’t mean players have to sacrifice style. And when you want a traditional, stylish volleyball shoe, it’s hard to go wrong with white. The Best White Volleyball Shoes Are Comfortable and Supportive Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 Volleyball Shoes.

What to know before buying white volleyball shoes

cutting height

When you wonder how to buy the perfect volleyball shoesstart with the cut at the top of the shoe.

  • Low cut: For volleyball players, low shoes are rare. The top of the shoe sits below the ankle bone, providing very little ankle support.
  • Mid cut: A mid-top shoe is a popular style for volleyball players. It offers the best blend of ankle support and flexibility of movement for the foot and ankle.
  • High cut: A high top shoe is more of a design made for basketball players than volleyball players. The top of the shoe rests on the ankle bone, providing ample support but limiting flexibility of movement.

Accents on white shoes

White volleyball shoes don’t have to be completely white. They can have colored accents. To maintain emphasis on the white portion of the shoe, some manufacturers use silver or gray accents rather than bright color accents.

Favorite brands

All major volleyball shoe brands, including Adidas, Asics, Mizuno, and Nike, offer white volleyball shoes. Some are all white, while others are mostly white with other colors as accents. So you don’t have to sacrifice brand quality to buy white shoes.

What to Look for in Quality White Volleyball Shoes


Volleyball players put a lot of stress on their feet and ankles, whether they’re jumping to the net or trying to make a quick move to dig in an attack. It is therefore important that volleyball shoes of all colors provide a high level of cushioning.

The main cushioning of the shoe occurs in its sole. Thick and lightweight soles are popular among gamers.


Volleyball shoes should have a pattern on the sole that promotes traction. With good traction, players can jump to the net quickly and move quickly when diving for balls.

White volleyball shoes often have a gray or white sole to maintain the white look of the shoe, although a few use other colors.


The midsole of a white volleyball shoe has a design similar to any other shoe color. The midsole should support the balls of the player’s feet, as volleyball players often lean forward, preparing for quick movements. Additionally, the midsole design reduces force and weight on the balls of the feet.

How much you can expect to spend on white volleyball shoes

Their price is similar to other volleyball shoes. Expect to pay between $50 and $150, depending on the manufacturer.

White Volleyball Shoes FAQ

Is it hard to keep white volleyball shoes clean?

A. Because volleyball is an indoor sport, volleyball players can keep their white shoes clean quite easily. Don’t wear them outside, and they should still look great.

Is it hard to break new volleyball shoes?

A. Not really. Modern white volleyball shoes require a minimal break-in period. You can break them by just wearing them to practice a few times. To avoid dirt and grass stains, do not try to break them while wearing them outside.

Should I wear white volleyball shoes?

A. Not necessarily. It really depends on your team rules. Some teams want players to wear white shoes and have the whole team game. Other teams let players choose their own shoe colors. White boots are popular when teams are trying to match all players, as they go with any home or away uniform color.

What are the best white volleyball shoes to buy?

Top white volleyball shoes

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 Volleyball Shoes

What do you want to know: These are very comfortable and give players the stability they need to make quick moves on the pitch.

What you will love: Even with a mid-rise cut, they provide surprising ankle support. Silver and gray accents look great. With a rounded heel area and grooves in the outsole, these shoes allow quick movements with good traction.

What you should consider: For players with significant ankle issues, mid-cut shoes may not have enough support.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick Sporting Goods

Best White Volleyball Shoes for the Money

Best Asics Gel-Rocket Indoor Volleyball Sports Shoes

Asics Gel-Rocket Indoor Volleyball Shoes

What do you want to know: Even with a thick sole that provides maximum cushioning, these shoes use a design that allows them to weigh less than a typical volleyball shoe.

What you will love: The design includes wider grooves in the outsole that encourage foot flex, which is great for jumping. The top layer uses a breathable mesh to keep the foot cool, even towards the end of a long training session.

What you should consider: If your foot wants to flex in a different area than the outsole grooves, this shoe may not be comfortable for you.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Best Adidas Crazyflight Volleyball Shoes

Adidas Crazyflight Volleyball Shoes

What do you want to know: These are expensive, but are designed to maximize your energy on every jump and provide comfort on every landing.

What you will love: Lightweight materials help players feel cooler towards the end of a long game. The top layer is made of at least 50% recycled materials. The shoe has a clean white design, but the Adidas three-stripe logo stands out nicely in a dark grey.

What you should consider: Their price is higher than average, so they are better suited to more serious and high-level players.

Or buy: Sold by Adidas

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