Bangladeshi business leaders gather at Dutch Design Week in the Netherlands


Guests from different countries, including Bangladesh, recently attended Dutch Design Week in the Netherlands. – Photo of the press release

Bangladeshi manufacturers gathered for the first time in Europe at DDW2022 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, to explore design collaboration to improve their competitiveness in global markets, a press release said on Sunday.

Senior executives from leading Bangladeshi companies such as APEX Leather, Walton, ACI, Nourish, Beniboonon went on a two-day tour and contacted 1,500 innovative designers.

Every year, hundreds of designers converge on Northern Europe’s largest design event where emerging thinking or trends in design, innovation, new materials, sustainability and concepts are showcased to entrepreneurs from around the world. Europe and elsewhere.

MCCI Board and Managing Director of Apex Footwear Limited, Syed Nasim Manzur, said: “Dutch Design Week is an important source of inspiration for what the future will look like in terms of sustainability and demand. consumers. Apex believes that this kind of commitment should continue to inspire the next generation of designers, both in the Netherlands and in Bangladesh, to solve together the problems that all face.

Walton signed a memorandum of understanding with Design Academy Eindhoven at the event in Bangladesh.

ACI Director Prodip Kumar Poddar expressed his excitement at seeing fishing nets recycled into the manufacture of high-end lamps. He believed that the plastic products used daily in Bangladesh offered opportunities in the recycling industry. He hoped to develop durable and commercially viable plastic products.

The Bangladesh Embassy in the Netherlands organized the unique screening at DDW along with MCCI, the Eindhoven-based international project office Brainport, Frontier Fund and Bangladesh Apparel Exchange, the statement added.

Hans Robertus, one of the leading Dutch design experts and former director of Design Week, presented to Bangladeshi manufacturers how they could benefit from investing in design innovation aimed at the global market.

Bangladesh Ambassador Riaz Hamidullah said that Bangladesh has come to the 22nd edition of Design Week and possibly the first time in a global design meeting for Bangladeshi manufacturers.

Walton’s collaboration is expected to encourage other Bangladeshi companies to explore tie-up and steadily invest in innovation and develop globally appealing products.

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