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If you’re on your feet all day, you know how important supportive shoes are – you just need to find the right pair of shoes. Well, you can officially consider your search over, because the comfortable nurse-recommended sneakers are on sale right now.

For a limited time, you can save 15% on all four colors of Bala Twelves sneakers. It’s no surprise that so many medical professionals swear by supportive shoes since they were created with the help of hundreds of nurses across the country.

So what makes sneakers so comfortable? Well, they have what the brand calls an HRS cushioning system which helps absorb shock and distribute weight evenly. Additionally, the insole features supportive cushioning designed to conform to your arch. Even the knit base layer provides a custom fit by hugging your foot. It also leaves room for swelling.

Buy it! Bala Twelves Sneakers, $127.50 (origin $150);

As for durability, the shoes have a fluid-resistant upper outer layer (including the tongue) that will keep your feet dry during spring showers. In other words, you won’t have to walk around in soggy socks if you get caught in the rain. The outer layer is also a breeze to clean. The brand simply recommends wiping them down with a cloth and disinfectant.

Another notable feature is the shoes high grip rubber outsole. They are designed to provide support on wet and dry surfaces.

And although the sneakers were designed with the intention of holding up to 12 hours of work, they kept nurses and other medical professionals comfortable even longer, according to some of the many rave reviews. A nurse who worked up to 16 hours a day even called them a “dream come true”.

Shoppers who are on their feet all day rave that the shoes also help relieve pain. One said they were so ‘comfortable and supportive’ that ‘I don’t have any pain in my back or legs after working a long shift in these’. Others like the look of the sneakers, calling them “stylish” and “cute.”

Ready to invest in nurse-approved shoes? You have until April 23 to save on Bala Twelves sneakers. Moreover, the brand also offers free delivery and exchanges. So go ahead and grab a pair while they’re still on sale.

Buy it! Bala Twelves Sneakers, $127.50 (origin $150);

Buy it! Bala Twelves Sneakers, $127.50 (origin $150);

Buy it! Bala Twelves Sneakers, $127.50 (origin $150);

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