Awake NY turns into record store for INNERSECT


During the last years, INSECT has become one of the most important events in the global street culture calendar. For its next edition, the leading East Asian fashion, music, art and technology fair is taking things up a notch by calling on its very first co-curator, Jerry Lorenzo from Fear of God.

Part of Lorenzo’s role at INNERSECT is to hand-select a number of creators from his personal network, all of whom are invited to Shanghai in December to present a body of work that responds to this year’s theme: ‘The’ balance “. Wake up in New Yorkthe founder Angelo Baque is one of those creatives.

Before the fair, host of Highsnobiety, Tokyo veteran and fashion editor, Tiffany Godoy in contact with Baque (former Supreme Brand Director) to find out what inspires him and how he finds balance in his work. During their conversation, we return to New York in the late ’80s and early’ 90s to learn more about Baque’s foundations, how they influence him today, and how they can translate into a scene. of street culture on the other side of the globe.

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Awake NY was set to take a pop-up tour of East Asia before the pandemic hit, which Baque tells us he was particularly looking forward to as it would give him an authentic way to connect with the culture. “I want to know more,” he said, “because at the moment I feel like mainland China is completely separate from the rest of the world. I’m curious to see culturally what’s going on there. . I physically enjoy being there, in order to make those connections, to make it feel more organic and authentic. “

For Baque, INNERSECT provides a way to forge these relationships. “And not just like, ‘Hey, I want to make a cool design that we can sell to hundreds of thousands in China,’ but really, ‘How can I keep connecting, cultivating young people, culturally? ‘”

Visualizing this question took Baque back to his roots, to memories of visiting record stores in New York City when he was young. “I always loved hanging out in record stores when I was a kid because they never really kicked you out, and you could listen to tons of music. If you had the chance to bond with you. friendship with the trader, he would put you on different sounds, on bands you had never heard of. “

The Covid-19 lockdown gave Baque the opportunity to reconnect with his record collection, which he has been building for decades, and as he listened to it, he began to wonder how, or if, a child from Shanghai would be drawn to the same experience. So he decided to find out for himself and build an Awake New York record store – The Awake Record Shop – for INNERSECT 2021, created in partnership with Shanghai-based record store The Melting Pot.

“[I wanted] to organize our sounds, what inspires Awake? What is the music that fascinates us? I want them to discover these records that help inspire what I do. I want to create experience. There’s gonna be some fake record store merchandise, [the] cool stuff that I would love to get from my favorite record store, growing up. I want it to be a moment in time, like you’re going to INNERSECT, and you [get] that record store T-shirt that doesn’t exist. “

INNERSECT takes place in Shanghai in January. Head here to know more.

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