Asheboro woman opens new bargain bin store



Lucy Canales of Asheboro loves shopping, but she loves a bargain even more.

After the Randolph County resident shopped at bargain stores, where goods are priced and crammed into raised bins for shoppers to dig like a scavenger hunt, she thought, “I can do it. I can work with it. “

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Canales opened LMS Liquidation at 801 W. Center St. in Lexington on December 17th. This is Lexington’s second bargain bin store to open in 2021.

Every Friday, she and one of her daughters who work with her, Chelsea Canales, stack the 19 trash cans that fill the interior of the wholesale store with overstocks and other discounted items. The price of anything in the bins is $ 10 on Friday and decreases daily until everything in the bins costs $ 1 on Thursday. The store is closed on Sunday.

Signs at JMS Liquidation explain the prices of items in the bins each day of the week the business is open.

Buyers can expect to find bedding, home decor, tools, electronics, and more in the trash cans.

Against the walls are other bargain areas. Just inside the entrance to the right are separate bins full of socks, bras, and underwear for kids, men, and women that cost around $ 1.25 to $ 2 each. The bras have retail price tags saying they would cost between $ 15 and $ 17 each at other stores.

At the back of the store, there are shelves that hold larger items, many of which come from the Target department store, such as microwaves, water cooler dispensers, diaper cases, bedding. and more. These items are sold separately, but usually at least half the retail price.

“Electronics seem to be everyone’s favorite,” said Canales, who owned a beauty salon in New York City before moving to North Carolina 19 years ago.

Recently the store had a constant stream of shoppers rummaging through trash cans when everything costs $ 3. Borey You from Lexington came to the register with an armful of items he found in the trash. He had a pop-up kennel for a dog, tennis shoes, sandals, a backpack and more.

JMS Liquidation has opened in Lexington, providing bargain hunters another place to rummage through raised bins for deals on electronics, bedding, home decor, clothing, school supplies and more.

“I come for the offers,” he said.

Mildred Love came to LMS Liquidation with her daughter. She loves to shop at bargain stores, she said, and found decorative holiday-themed pillow cases to buy for $ 3, which typically cost $ 20 or more each.

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“There is so much back then,” she said. “I like getting a good deal. You never know what you’re going to find.”

LMS Liquidation’s normal business hours will be 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

The property at Lowe's Flatbed Distribution Center in Davidson County was sold to an Idaho group for nearly $ 6 million.

Lowe’s Thomasville flatbed distribution center sells for $ 5.9 million

An Idaho group bought the property at Lowe’s Flatbed Distribution Center in Thomasville for $ 5.9 million, according to a filing with the Davidson County Register of Deeds.

The 53.3 acres that were purchased are located at 822 Clarksbury Church Road in Davidson County. The seller is Lowe’s Home Centers LLC of Mooresville.

The buyer is Dame Brothers Thomasville LLC of 300 NW 16th St., Fruitland, Idaho, which is the same address as Woodgrain Millwork Inc. Woodgrain Millwork is one of the largest woodworking operations in the world with operations in the United States. and Chile, according to its website.

Woodgrain already has a doorstep store at 547 Lowes Road in Lexington.

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