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Are you already shopping for shoes?Edouard Berthelot – Getty Images

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When it comes to buying shoes, online shopping can be tricky. Choosing a sweater or dress based on how it looks on a mannequin? Of course, it’s worth it. But there’s something about how shoes look with your own feet, legs, and wardrobe that impacts whether that’s a yes. . . or a no.

This is especially true for sneakers, as you might want to wear them with workout clothes one day and a favorite mini dress the next. No need to charge a few pairs to your credit card with the plan to return what doesn’t gel—Amazon came to the rescue.

The retailer’s virtual fitting, accessible through the app, lets you see the shoes on you.

Yes, let the ultimate in internet shopping find a way to show you what your sneakers will look like before you add them to cart. The virtual trial program allows you to visualize different styles on you, immediately. To access it, click this QR code and prepare your phone camera. (The program is currently only available through the iOS app; Android users should look for it soon.)

amazon virtual try on sneakers

A screenshot of the writer’s fitting session with a pair of classic Saucony sneakers. Avery Matera

It’s quick and easy, which means you can try it out with any outfit you plan to pair with the kicks (leggings first, midi skirt second). All photos can also be saved to your device, allowing you to share them with loved ones for crowdsourcing before the purchase is made.

The tech isn’t perfect – there were some funky spots around the ankle with every pair we tested – but it’s damn good.

All in all, it was helpful in deciding what looked like a good fit, style-wise. . . and which pairs were a pass.

Take full advantage of functionality by focusing not just on the shoes, but how and where you would wear them. Try the same pair with leggings and non-workout togs to see how they would look in both situations. It’s a great way to find out if those running shoes you covet can double as a dress or jeans (in which case, they’re a great investment).

You do not know where to start ? Try it with some of the bold, bright, maybe not hybrids we’ve found below.

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