Are Birdies shoes worth it?


Between Meghan Markle wearing them and their Instagram account which currently has 214,000 followers, many of us are curious if the Birdies shoes are worth the price, so we checked out some reviews to see what people who have them think. actually tried.

A very detailed review from The Atlas Heart claims that the Birdies flats are worth the price because they are so comfortable, feature a memory foam cushion detail and a quilted satin insert. The satisfied reviewer also explained that the Cheetah Calf Hair Starling flats are stylish enough to match most outfits in her closet, making them suitable for regular wear.

Plus, a fiber scientist and shoe expert shared her take on Birdies shoes in a Good Housekeeping review. She also thinks the Birdies shoes are worth the price and the hype because she wears them every day because they are so comfortable. However, she pointed out that while they’re sturdy enough to wear outside for brief periods of time, they’re not ideal for long walks. Finally, a reviewer from Reviewed shared that Birdies shoes may or may not be worth it depending on what exactly you’re looking for. Although this review finds the shoes to be super comfortable and fashionable, the products don’t offer much support when you’re walking around for a while. But other than that, they love the shoes.

Judging by all of these positive reviews, we think Birdies shoes are worth it if you want a comfortable and stylish new shoe.

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