Are basketball shoes good for the gym?


You might have wondered, “Are basketball shoes good for the gym?” If you are a basketball and bodybuilding fan.

If you plan to load the plates onto your top bar, you need to make sure your shoes provide the proper protection, support, and comfort in order to achieve personal bests.

That being said, we’ve put together this guide where we discuss some of the pros and cons of basketball sneakers and whether we think they would be suitable for the gym.

Let’s get started.

Are basketball shoes good for the gym? – The sole

a in-depth study by Run Repeat found that the best shoe option for weightlifting, especially when squatting, was a flat-soled shoe, as it produced a straighter core and reduced stress on the lower back compared to wearing weightlifting shoes. race.

If you take a pair of Harden Vol. 5As noted in our list of the best basketball shoes, you will see that they come with a flat sole that maximizes contact with the ground and therefore should be suitable for weightlifting training in the gym.

In fact, the 2019 World’s Strongest Man winner Martins Licis wore Nike basketball shoes during training because they had flat soles and offered considerable support, especially around the ankles.

Are basketball shoes good for the gym? – Support

As mentioned earlier, basketball shoes are designed to provide considerable ankle support, as one of the most common injuries in sports is either an ankle inversion or flexion.

This can be beneficial in the gym as you may experience ankle pain during exercises such as calf lift, but have a pair of shoes like the Air Jordan XXXVI‘s could help counter that.

However, basketball shoes also have a huge amount of cushioning in the midsole to disperse shock, which is not ideal for lifting as shoes like SABO Deadlift Shoes are designed to keep your feet as close to the ground as possible to avoid absorbing some of your power.

Are basketball shoes good for the gym? – Protection

If you look at weightlifting shoes, you might notice that the majority of shoes incorporate padding for protection or, at least, have a stiff outer layer designed to increase stability.

Fortunately, basketball shoes are also designed to be stiff in order to protect your body, especially your ankles, as Midsole Stiffness Study 2019 found that stiffer shoes caused a decrease in maximum ankle plantar flexion.

Much like weightlifting shoes, a pair of stiff sneakers should allow optimal transfer of force during a lift, as well as better stability.

Are basketball shoes good for the gym? – Durability

Playing a full basketball game puts enormous pressure on your shoes. Therefore, basketball shoes must be durable to survive.

Fortunately, that’s only a good thing when it comes to lifting because, during deadlifts or squats, in particular, you’re asking your shoes to withstand explosive downward force, which is a big plus. another reason why gym trainers, like the inov-8 Fastlift 335, come with noticeably hard soles.

Are basketball shoes good for the gym?

Ultimately, the most perfect shoe for the style of training you participate in the gym will likely be a shoe designed for that specific purpose.

However, we believe that weightlifting basketball shoes in particular have a number of qualities comparable to some of the best athletic shoes.

While the extra cushioning in the midsole isn’t ideal, the stiffness, support, and flat soles make basketball shoes a viable option to wear and use in the gym.

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