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OIL CITY, PA (EYT/D9) — Hailey Kriebel opened her bag and looked inside.

Her heart sank.

Fear grips her. Then panic.

(Above, Hailey Kriebel v Karns City/Photo by Shelly Atzeni)

The main guard for the Union women’s basketball team forgot her shoes for a road game at Venango Catholic on Monday night.

“It was awful,” Kriebel said. “I did not know what to do.”

With no junior varsity game before the varsity matchup between the Damsels and Vikings, there wasn’t enough time for anyone to make the trip back to Rimersburg to pick them up.

Kriebel faced the prospect of not being able to play.

She poked her head out of the locker room and waved Union coach Ally Kepple over.

Kepple thought Kriebel forgot his warm-up shirt.

“She does this all the time,” Kepple said with a laugh. “But then she said she forgot her shoes. I was like, ‘No way!’

(Alyson Stewart, Venango Senior Catholic)

But, they did not know that Alyson Stewart, senior Catholic from Venango, had overheard the conversation.

Stewart quickly came to the aid of the damsel in distress.

“They were a bit outside the boys’ locker room, and I saw the Union coach take off one of his shoes and give it to Hailey,” Stewart said. “Then I saw my trainer (Skip Homan) going over there. I kind of thought she forgot her shoes. basketball?’ “

Kriebel said yes, and Stewart asked what size shoe Kriebel wore. When Stewart realized her second pair of basketball shoes would fit Kriebel, she picked them up.

“I always keep my basketball shoes from last year in my school locker room,” Stewart said. “I had an extra pair, so might as well give them to her so she can play and not hurt herself trying to play in the wrong size shoes.”

Stewart knew where Kriebel came from.

Although Stewart never forgot her shoes for a game, she did leave another very important piece of gear at home once.

“I forgot my jersey,” Stewart said with a laugh. “It’s probably worse.”

Kriebel said she never forgot her shoes until Monday.

She also said she probably never would again.

“I thought they were in my bag, but I must have pulled them out and not realized they weren’t there,” Kriebel said. “I had a pair of Hey Dudes (a brand of slip-on sneakers). I couldn’t play in those. I’m going to check three or four times from now on. I’m so grateful to him. I couldn’t thank her enough.

Kepple said Stewart should be commended for what she did.

“I know she didn’t do this for recognition,” Kepple said. “But it’s a great example of sportsmanship. It just shows you that some things are bigger than basketball. That she steps in like that and lets Hailey use her other pair of shoes, I think that’s so cool.

“Because Alyson Stewart did what she did, Hailey was able to play and manage so much better. If she couldn’t play, she couldn’t have laughed about it now.

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