Alternate Princess Peach design surfaces used in early merchandising


Nintendo has had a standardized design for Princess Peach for decades now. It’s the one they use in almost all of their games and products these days, but there was originally another design that appeared before Nintendo had locked down their final design choices for the character.

Back when Mario merch started coming out, Nintendo hadn’t put together an official style guide for Princess Peach. When it came time to create artwork for Princess Peach that would go on a piece of merchandise (in this case, shoes), artist Gaku Miyao had to come up with his own design.

Miyao referenced Princess Peach’s only two artworks at that time, Peach’s sprite in the Super Mario Bros. game, and her appearance on that game’s Japanese cover, to concoct a Peach design for the merch. This is how we arrived at the image above.

Obviously, Nintendo finally came to an agreement on what Princess Peach would look like in the official artwork, but you really have to applaud Miyao for what he pulled off. He worked with very few reference points, and his final design is certainly more impressive than what he was based on!

Finally, just for a little fun, Miyao has revisited its Princess Peach design to offer something more modern. He thinks that if Nintendo stuck with their Peach design for this original product, the Princess would eventually come up with a design overhaul akin to what Miayo created above.

I don’t know about you, but this new version of Miyao’s old work looks absolutely stunning!

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