Adidas made ‘Fresh Prince’ 90s-inspired basketball shoes for Donovan Mitchell


The prince of Bel-AirIts 30th anniversary might have been last year, but the iconic show is a good inspiration for sneakers.

Donovan Mitchell and Adidas join a long line of Fresh prince the history of the sneaker with the release of two new variants of the DON Issue 3 which invoke the uniform of the Bel-Air Academy. While the two pair blue with a red paisley print, the pattern is applied differently as a nod to the way Will Smith wore his school jacket. One pair keeps the cashmere for the accent, while the other is matched with an all-over print to channel Smith as he flips his jacket over to make it more elegant.

As the name suggests, the DON Issue 3 is Mitchell’s third signature sneaker. It features Lightstrike cushioning for the first time in the series after previously using Bounce, while the TPU panels are strategically placed on the upper to lock in your feet. And at $ 110 a pair, the shoe sits on the more accessible end of Adidas’ basketball lineup.

Will Smith approved – Both sneakers, along with a third that has yet to be confirmed that evokes the Bel-Air Academy basketball uniforms, were made in collaboration with Bel-Air Athletics, the Fresh prince-inspired by the brand its star launched in 2019.

The Adidas shoes mark the first official sneaker collaboration for Smith, but it’s not with the brand most often associated with the show. Smith often wore Air Jordans on the series, and Jordan Brand released a commemorative Air Jordan 5 in 2013 that commands over $ 400 in the resale market today. An alternate version was then released last year to coincide with the show’s 30th anniversary – which could be the last Jordan of its kind now that Smith has gone to Adidas.

The final journey back to Bel-Air has already started with the bolder version of the DON Issue 3 already on sale via Adidas website for $ 120. The second color variant will follow on Thursday, September 9, while we wait to learn more about the plain basketball version. And now that the NBA’s on-court guidelines have relaxed, we can’t wait to see the Fresh prince paisley during a match.

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