Adidas Basketball releases Pixar-inspired shoes


Today, adidas Basketball announced the “You’re no good, you’re great!” footwear and apparel collection coming in November with the Super Exhibit B, Super Dame 8 and Super DON Issue #4.

Inspired by Disney and Pixar The Incrediblescustom-designed super signature pack celebrates the supernatural powers of professional basketball players Candice Parker, Damien Lillardand Donovan Mitchell.

Great B piece

View of Candace Parker’s Super Exhibit B shoe.

Laying the ground with her out-of-this-world acting, matched by her uncompromising dedication to empowering women to achieve their dreams, Candace Parker’s Super Exhibit B cements the multi-hyphenated mother as one of the greatest hoop heroines of all time.

Available in adult sizes, the Super Exhibit B comes with an ultra-lightweight Lightstrike midsole for quick balance, cushioning and responsiveness on the court. Fans can see Candace Parker’s Adidas collection here.

Super Lady 8

Dame 8 red, black and yellow shoes.

View from Damian Lillard Super Lady 8 shoe.

Renowned for stopping time in no time – on and off the hardwood, the reimagined Super Dame 8 embodies the incredible mental toughness and focus that enables Damian Lillard to lead his team and his family in the clutch.

Arriving in adult sizing, the Super Dame 8 features an advanced outsole with a Bounce Pro cushioning system designed to provide the precise support, comfort and stability needed to activate “Dame Time”. Fans can see Damian Lillard’s Adidas collection here.

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Super GIF number 4

Red, black and yellow Donovan Mitchell shoes.

View of Donovan Mitchell’s Super DON Issue #4 shoe.

Playing off his lightning-fast reflexes and breakneck speed, Super DON #4 for Donovan Mitchell spreads his message of “determination over negativity” by empowering the next generation of real-life superheroes in his community.

Available in junior and kids sizes, the DON Issue #4 arrives with a high performance Lightlock upper and Lightstrike midsole combination designed to overcome adversity with explosive movement and lateral quickness. Fans can see Donovan Mitchell’s Adidas collection here.

The Pixar pack also includes apparel in a variety of sizes for adults, kids, and juniors inspired by big-screen heroes and hardwood icons, ranging from hoodies, jerseys, shorts, and more.

The adidas Basketball “You’re No Good, You’re Great!” The collection will be available for purchase in November in stores and on the The adidas website. Stay locked in for updates on this exciting collection.

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