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Of course, success does not last. At just 17 years old, while doing his baccalaureate, Utlwanang Mmeti finally opened the doors of his first shoe store in Midrand.

The Rustenburg-born young entrepreneur launched Dapper Footwear earlier this year and officially opened the store at Midrand Space and Co Entrepreneur Village – Swart Drive, President Park on November 6.

Utlwanang said his success and achievements are a testament to all children, that dreams come true through perseverance and hard work.

“This is for all the underdogs who have been denied opportunities, all the kids who have been denied a piece of the pie, all the people who have been denied a seat at the table. We have now built our own table and made our own cake,” Utlwanang said.

Utlwanang Mmeti says Dapper Footwear will create job opportunities.

Dapper Footwear is open to collaborating with like-minded people who share a common vision and goal of creating job opportunities.

One of the most important goals for Utlwanang is to bring many talented and ambitious people on board. “As we continue to grow, we want to create opportunities for footwear and apparel designers, graphic designers, photographers, store managers, influencers, general workers and store assistants.

“We also have a sound system in the store, and up-and-coming rappers, producers, or any artists can bring their music so we can help get it out to a wider audience when customers walk in. I’m all for it. about supporting the underdogs so we can rise together,” he explained.

He urges local residents, especially young people, to support Dapper Footwear to show the rest of the world what local communities can do when they come together and support each other. “We are young, ambitious, gifted entrepreneurs and we come for everything we’ve been told we can’t – in every industry for that matter.”

He said the shoes will introduce all the colors people want in all sizes, as well as the children’s line and other models in the near future. A pair costs R999. “I want to thank everyone who invested their hard earned money buying my sneakers, I really appreciate that,” he concluded.

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