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The Rose City is now home to a new vintage clothing store.

Salem Vintage, located at the corner of West Erwin and Bois D’Arc in Tyler, will hold a grand opening Saturday in which 10% of its proceeds will go to local nonprofit CASA for children in East Texas.

The store offers a wide range of sizes, from very small items (XS) to five very large items (5XL).

Three years ago, Stormie Carter, owner of Salem Vintage, pioneered the concept with an online-only store aimed solely at plus-size people. She recently decided it was time to expand into a brick-and-mortar-sized vintage store in downtown Tyler.

According to Carter, the commercial lease was signed in January and the building underwent renovations that were eventually completed, allowing him to move into the building at 220B W. Erwin St.

On Saturday, choppers can choose from a variety of items such as shirts, sweatshirts, blouses, dresses, shirts, jeans, pants, shorts, children’s clothing, home decorations , trinkets and shoes.

Carter views her shop as a dark, rustic college aesthetic with 80s and 90s and a Victorian flair.

Although she has a passion for vintage clothing, she originally had a different career path a few years ago, she said.

“I’m actually a nurse and I got my nursing degree and did that for about a year and then I got really sick and couldn’t continue in that field so that’s something thing i continued on the side while i was on sick leave.. It kind of just grew and i fell in love with it (the store) and it really started to grow. So i do both for a few years and now I quit nursing and just do that,” Carter said.

Carter is excited to open the store this weekend and said it will bring a different vibe to downtown, especially being plus size friendly and catering to those sizes.

“It’s very rare for a vintage retailer to carry, let alone specialize in, plus size clothing. The size that is listed on the tags (vintage clothing) is usually very different, so even looking online it can be difficult to find a plus size. I standardize everything on my own measurement chart. I measure all my clothes, I haven’t done it with all the ones here but I do online. All the jeans all fit my own size chart, although the size tag is from the 80s and says 24 or something, it could be a modern 10, so I’m putting 10. That helps people to browse better and find more vintage plus clothes that are generally harder to find,” she said.

Carter said the items will also be affordable.

“I’ve tried to keep my prices very affordable because that’s something else with vintage, it can be very expensive, so my prices range a lot from high-end but also affordable items,” she said. “Anyone with any type of budget can come shopping and find something they like.”

Carter mentioned that the online store will still sell items.

“I will still carry plus-size vintage over there (online store), but probably not as much as I used to. But it should resume in a few weeks,” she said.

The grand opening is scheduled with a musical performance by Cloi Rider from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and the shop will be open from noon to 8 p.m.

Store hours will be Monday through Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. for the time being.

To access the online store, visit salemsumpvintage.comand find the company under “Salem Vintage” on Facebook.

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