A video tour shows the bargains on offer at a massive new charity shop in central Milton Keynes


Willen Hospice opened the outlet in The Point building at CMK this month, selling everything from furniture to clothing.

They say demand for cheap second-hand goods has skyrocketed during the cost of living crisis and the store is set to be a huge hit.

A spokesperson for the charity said: ‘Rising energy costs are affecting our customers and their ability to afford essentials. This shop presents a win-win scenario, where

customers benefit from low prices and the charity raises funds that eventually go back into the community.

She added: “By accepting clothing and furniture donations, we significantly reduce potential landfills, by reusing, recycling or reselling items.”

You can take a video tour of the new store here.

It sells clothing from £1 for women, men and children, pre-loved and donated furniture including sofas, cupboards, chairs, tables, shoes, suits, accessories including handbags hand, luggage, jewelry and scarves, evening wear and beachwear.

Coats and jackets are on sale at discounted prices

There are also bargains to be had in household and kitchen goods, party supplies, travel accessories, beauty products, sunglasses, mobile accessories and games.

Willen Hospice has a second outlet downtown, in the old Staples building at Grafton Gate. This was a temporary facility that will close over the next few months.

They aim to submit a planning application later this year. But conservationists, including the Cinema Theater Association, are urging that the famous structure be saved because it plays such an important role in local history.

The children’s clothing department of the Willen Hospice charity shop in The Point, CMK

Opened in 1985 by AMC Theaters at a cost of £7.5 million, it housed the first purpose-built multiplex cinema in the UK. Boasting 10 screens, each able to accommodate 200 spectators, it attracted a record 1,050,000 visitors in its first year.

A spokesperson for Willen Hospice said The Point’s location makes it ideal and accessible for MK shoppers. ·

“We also serve the community by providing jobs, keeping the main street lively, helping volunteers develop, build confidence and fight loneliness,” she said.

The new Willen Hospice store at The Point

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