A new thrift store benefits forgotten animals


ANDERSON COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) — A new thrift store has a meaningful message behind every purchase customers make.

“Threads of Hope” is located at 102 Piedmont Rd. The owners, Donna Taylor and Mackenzie King, are lifelong friends who have always dreamed of opening their own store. Both have a passion for animals, so they put their heads together to create “Sons of Hope.”

“I wanted it to be something that hasn’t been done yet,” Taylor said.

Store revenue benefits”Auction for a Kaws”, an organization focused on protecting animals and giving them a new life.

As you walk through the store, you’ll find gently used items like clothes, shoes, jewelry, and even furniture. All items are donated by the community.

Taylor and Kings say another thing that sets their store apart is how they recycle items they can’t use. By partnering with Give WaYa, they can send clothes to those who need them.

“A lot of things that are worn or unusable actually go to other countries that don’t produce textiles and then anything that’s not used after it’s sent to a recycling facility where they cut it up and can use the yarn to make recycled clothing, so it comes full circle and nothing ends up in the landfill,” Giving WaYa executives said.

The owners say this store has been under construction for about 6 months, and although the doors just opened on Saturday, they are already planning to expand to give shoppers even more choice.

For a complete list of donation sites, Click here.

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