21 best black shoes for men in 2021: oxfords, loafers, boots and more


Very well well. Looking for the best black shoes for men, eh? Want that: so do we. But in doing so, we encountered an odd phenomenon: Almost every permutation of “men’s black shoes” that we plugged into Google has spawned this weird mishmash of overly-casual shoes, a diverse mix of streamlined running shoes, from hardcore training shoes; and towering athletic shoes like Nike, Adidas and Converse.

Certainly, these shoes have their time and their place. (And that time and place is at the gym, sweating up during your last set in the squat rack.) But that’s not what you’re looking for. If you’re here, you’re looking for foolproof shoe options that fall squarely between brogues and basketball shoes, and won’t leave you behind after a night out. So if your search engine has hid all the good stuff so far, don’t worry. (And definitively don’t skip to Bing.) All the answers you need are right here, in these 21 Flawless Stomping in the Dark – That’s right, the The best black shoes for men – this will make the off-brand chukkas that you were looking desperately before that downright cheesy look in comparison.

None of these are as dressy as the fender tips, but they’re still light years away from the performance-enhancing schlock that other outlets would want you to consider. Own a crisp white t-shirt, a simple gold chain and loose black pants? Add one of these (and maybe a long, dark top coat) to the equation and you’ve got an ideal wintery cut as well. And the next time you’re in a Google-related pickle, head straight to GQ Recommends. We always feel lucky.

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