15 best men’s skate shoes of 2022: Vans, Nike SB, Adidas and more


The best skate shoes are made for more than landing a kick-flip. Skateboarding has long infiltrated the highest spheres of luxury fashion (remember when Vogue launched its own “Skate Week” in 2016?) No-Mocker subscribed customers. Heck, skateboarding is now a bona fide Olympic sport and an eminently watchable sport. So consider this as a good time to familiarize yourself with the coolest shoes the hobby has to offer.

Once staunch staples of the scene like DC Shoes, Emerica and Lakai may not be so much in the mix anymore, but their influence is still deeply felt. Screaming Supras Justin Bieber paired with skinny jeans and a mischievous smile before thankfully taking a much more enviable take on rat skate style? Forget them. But those oversized Etnies that you associate with the skateboarders of your youth? It may be worth remembering. (In fact, they provide a pretty definite aesthetic antecedent for so many styles of towering sneakers popular right now.)

To finally help you pull off that tre flip (read: learning how to ollie), we’ve taken the time to put together a list of the best pro-grade skate shoes, each valued for their cushioning, impact protection and his outfit. durability as for their timeless beauty. They probably shouldn’t replace your running shoes on the track, but rest assured you can wear them just about anywhere else.

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