12 sensible shoes to spend the winter

There are countless shoe options for your winter wardrobe.


There are countless shoe options for your winter wardrobe.

As someone who much prefers summer sandals and mules to boots and sneakers, the change in weather always throws my wardrobe into a state of chaos.

Every year, I yearn for a sensible wardrobe of weather-appropriate footwear — flat boots that work for the office and on the go, and smart sneakers that do too.

Maybe this winter will be the one where I finally succeed?

There are countless options of ankle boots in stores, but the key is to opt for practical and grounded options.

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The trend of thick soles continues. It is a detail that is also useful when it comes to rainy days and puddles.

Sturdy soles are also a key winter sneaker trend, whether they’re vintage-inspired platforms or chunky ones and slightly reminiscent of the “chunky” skate shoes of my teenage years. Fortunately, these options are much more elegant.

With my wardrobe of sandals, it’s no surprise that I haven’t yet adapted to the ‘sneaker with everything’ style movement, but it’s one I wholeheartedly support, especially for winter.

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