12 Dollar Store Products You Can Use to Organize Small Spaces


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Sometimes small spaces can mean a small budget. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy certain items at dollar stores to totally change places.

Whether it’s a DIY project, more storage and organization, or just a simple decorative touch to spruce up your apartment, you can find more than you think at stores like Dollar Tree, Dollar King, Dollar General and Family Dollar. Check out the best products you can get on the cheap that can enhance your small space.

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Heavy duty suction cup hooks (2 per pack)

Cost: $1.25 at Dollar Tree

These hooks can be stuck in the shower, on the windows, on the kitchen wall and other places in your home without taking up much space. They can hold loofahs, pans and decorations. Also, since they stick with the suction cup, you don’t have to make a hole in your wall and risk losing some of your deposit.

Ice cube trays (2 per pack)

Cost: $1.25 at Dollar Tree

Sure, you can use ice cube trays for their intended purpose, but you can also use them to organize your earrings. Paint them however you like to match your style and rest assured that you will never have to search for the other earring again.

Rectangular wooden crate with handles

Cost: $1.25 at Dollar Tree

Pick up a few of these crates and you can lay them vertically or horizontally to get more storage for less. You can even wall mount them so they don’t take up space on your floor, keeping things neat and out of the way. Since they are made of wood, they are easily painted or stained to personalize them.

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Clear plastic shower hooks (12 per pack)

Cost: $1.25 at Family Dollar

In addition to using these hooks to hang a shower curtain, you can use them for additional storage in your closet. Attach them to a hanger and use them to hold scarves, bags and necklaces.

White Wire Cabinet Shelves

Cost: $1.25 at Dollar Tree

Putting a few together and attaching them to the back of a door can give you plenty of storage options. You can use them in a closet near the kitchen for a pantry or on the back of your bedroom door for shoes or other accessories.

6-hook white metal brackets above the door

Cost: $1.25 at Dollar Tree

These hooks go over the door and can help save space in your apartment. Use them for coats, brooms, mops, towels, and anything else that wouldn’t normally fit in your small living space.

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Cost: $1.99 at Dollar King

What can’t mason jars do these days? Use them as trendy drinkware storage, utensil storage, or planters. You can use them more for decoration by making or placing candles inside the jars. You can also place a tea light inside the jar for a nice light fixture.

Removable plastic wall hooks (9 per pack)

Cost: $1.25 at Dollar Tree

These little hidden hooks can help organize many spaces in your home. Stick them to the back of kitchen cabinets to hold measuring cups or to the side of the wall as you walk in to hold your keys. You can also use them in your bedroom to store jewelry. These won’t leave marks on your wall, so you can easily remove them and take them with you to your next location.

Shelf liners

Cost: $5 to the family dollar

Refresh your shelves with decorative shelf liners. These leave no sticky residue, so they are apartment approved. It also makes it easier to clean up any spills on a shelf.

Mesh baskets

Cost: $1.99 at Dollar King

These baskets can cleverly hold laundry in a bedroom or living room to give a bohemian chic touch to your apartment. Plus, they can hold bathroom supplies in one place under the sink. Plus, they can come in handy when moving around to hold things.

Sets of 3 plastic drawers

Cost: $22 to family dollar

Cabinets like this are light and small, but they can hold quite a bit. Stick them in your bathroom or bedroom to store toiletries and accessories. They can easily be moved around thanks to the castors at the bottom.

Corner wall shelves

Cost: $6 to the family dollar

Corner shelves are both trendy and effective. Use them to hold decorative pieces, place pictures or attach small necklace hooks.

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