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Knee pain is simply one of the most frustrating pains a person can experience. Aside from the fact that it hurts, we all know there’s little rest for a sore knee – going about your business, walking around, going up and down stairs and just being there is painful. When you’re on your feet, however, some shoes can at least prevent the problem from getting worse.

Finding the right shoes for knee pain starts with understanding the source of your discomfort, which can vary, says Dr. Mark Mendeszoon, podiatrist and owner of Achilles Running Shop in Pennsylvania. Overuse injuries are among the most common. “Most overuse injuries are linked to faulty biomechanics in which people can develop muscle imbalances, stress on tendons or bones secondary to the foot being either too flat (hyper-pronated) or too high in the foot. ‘an arch (collapsed foot),’ he says.

Overuse injuries can include patellar tendinitis, patellofemoral stress syndrome, patellar tracking, hamstring and quadriceps muscle damage, or IT band tendonitis and syndrome.

Shoes aren’t going to relieve knee pain, but they can help relieve or at least avoid making the pain worse by putting your foot in proper alignment, giving some support to the joints, and diffusing pressure away from the knee. knee. This is especially important if you are in a position that requires standing all day. When it comes to nursing shoes, for example, the impact of hard floors and slippery surfaces will influence how well a shoe intended to relieve knee pain actually works. Expert thought about which work shoe is right for you can help make the pain a little easier to bear.

What to look for in the best shoes for knee pain

“Just as people may need glasses to accommodate vision, well-chosen shoes can accommodate particular foot conditions,” Mendeszoon says. He recommends visiting a running store where someone can assess your specific pains and issues to find you a suitable shoe.

There are some general rules to follow. If you have flat feet, for example, a shoe with “proper support, cushioning, and display helps to ‘neutralize’ abnormal stresses and forces” on the foot, Mendeszoon says. If you have high arches, you may need to increase the padding.

If you have other aggravating issues besides knee pain — like wide feet, plantar fasciitis, or back pain — an expert look at your foot, stride, and general biomechanics is the best bet for get a shoe that works for you.

Once you find the right shoe for your knee pain, remember that this is not a one-size-fits-all deal. The solid support and energy dispersion of a brand new shoe doesn’t last forever. Mendeszoon recommends replacing shoes every 800 km, or sooner if you start to feel discomfort first. To endure knee pain, you want to make sure your shoe works at its best.

Here we’ve rounded up the 12 best shoes for knee pain, with the help of expert opinion from Mendeszoon in the space.

Best shoes for knee pain

Asics Kayano 27 Shoes

Best overall

Anecdotally, the Asics Gel-Kayano 27 might be one of the best shoes for knee pain. I’m not a big runner, but I’m a big connoisseur of knee pain; I was fitted for these trainers at a running store years ago and they are still the only trainers I will wear for this. They’re super stable but also responsive, and wearing them I barely feel the kind of impact on the joints that I normally feel when running. Mendeszoon also recommends them, as do many online reviewers. “Heaven for my feet,” writes one shopper of the style. “My podiatrist always pushes me to buy the Kayanos. Since he is a world class marathon runner and has his own foot issues, I tend to listen to him…I can run!

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Trainers

Best with an integrated knee support

The Adrenaline GTS 21 from Brooks is one of Mendeszoon’s picks for running sneakers that work for knee pain. This special attention to knee pain is integrated into the base of the shoe, using Brooks’ GuideRails support system. It sits inside the shoe and prevents your shins and ankles from over-rotating, which can make knee problems worse.

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New Balance 928v3 Shoes

Best Sneakers for Arthritic Knees

The 928v3 from New Balance is one of the best shoes for arthritic knees, which don’t necessarily require the same kind of support as overused knees. Instead, you might need something that’s heavier on the support technology than super soft cushioning. These New Balances have a compression absorbing midsole and a post stability system, meant to keep the back of your foot in neutral alignment.

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Hoka Arahi 5 Shoes

Best shoes for overpronation

Podiatrists tend to like Hokas, but specifically for knee pain. Mendeszoon recommends the Hoka Arahi 5. It of course has Hoka’s signature thick support bed, but with a few details that make it particularly good for knee pain. First, it uses “J-Frame” foam on the inside of the shoe, which is firmer on the inside of the foot. This helps support and protect your foot from rolling, which can make knee pain even worse.

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Saucony Triumph 19 Shoes

Best running shoes for knee pain

Saucony’s Triumph 19 is a good running shoe option for knee pain, and the one Mendeszoon recommends. It’s lightweight and elastic, deflecting any impact away from your joints during runs. Customers love it too. One reviewer said: ‘I have sore knees and my old Brooks have been destroyed. So far these have provided great comfort and support for running and workouts. I don’t lift heavy weights with them, nor would I, but they’ll get the job done for just about anything else. Great shoe.”

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Cole Haan Great Ambition Oxford

Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Knee Pain

When it comes to finding shoes to deal with various types of foot pain, chances are running sneaker technology has the answer. But Cole Haan’s Grand Ambitiou oxford brings that attention to proper foot alignment and support to its dress shoes. These are made with a cushioned footbed, which dress shoes rarely offer. If you don’t wear them all day every day, they should last you a while too, Mendeszoon says.

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Vera Naturalizer Dress Sandals

Best Women’s Dress Shoes for Knee Pain

For women’s dress shoes, we love the Vera dress sandals from Naturalizer. Heels aren’t necessarily the best shoes for knee pain, but if you need a heel that won’t make the pain worse, this is the one. It offers excellent support thanks to its block heel – which offers more stability than a stiletto heel – and its contoured insole. Some customers also say they work well for wide feet. “Highly recommend them to anyone, especially heavier girls like me,” writes one reviewer. Buy the large size. I used them for over 12 hours and danced in them without having to take them off. Super comfortable. I’ve never lasted so long in heels and my feet weren’t sore.

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Ecco Soft 7 City tie sneakers

Best Everyday Sneakers

This Ecco sneaker is a great causal and everyday option. It has an easy to wear white leather upper, which is perfect for the warmer months, and has hidden support inside the sleek silhouette. It uses specialized technology for foot and arch support. The insole is also removable to accommodate custom orthotics.

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Red Wing Heritage 6 Inch Moccasin Toe Boots

Best boots for knee pain

The six inch moccasin toe boot from Red Wing Heritage is a timeless unisex shoe that fits almost anyone. When it comes to supportive boots, Mendeszoon recommends options like this with one-piece soles, rather than made with a glued heel. This gives the foot a more stable and neutral position, which is essential for optimal gait alignment.

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Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers

Best Walking Shoes for Knee Pain

The Air Max 90 sneakers from Nike are one of the best walking shoes for people with knee pain. Air Max technology puts your foot a little higher than you might be used to, but the airy, bouncy heel is a game-changer. These maintain support underfoot and promote proper ankle alignment throughout the day, making them ideal to wear for long stretches and long walks in new places.

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Clarks Sheer 55 Zipped Boots

Best Slippers for Knee Pain

For everyday footwear, especially ones you might dress up or wear to work, Clarks reigns supreme. And if you’re looking for slippers that are good for knee pain, check out the Clarks Sheer 55 Slipper. The two-inch heel is on the low side, which is better for foot alignment than a high heel, and still provides a stable base for walking. Customers love their comfort. “I don’t usually wear heels because they always hurt my feet, but I can wear them all day and my feet don’t hurt,” one shopper writes. “Very comfortable. Definitely worth the price.

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Vionic Bowery Chase Chukka Boots

Best orthopedic shoes for knee pain

The Vionic Bowery Chase Chukka Boot is the epitome of podiatrist-approved supportive footwear. These chukkas are perfect for everyday wear; they don’t feel clunky or dated, but they don’t skimp on solid foot support either. They have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, thanks to their podiatrist-designed supportive footbed. They’re even water resistant, so you don’t have to go a single day without wearing them.

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