12 best golf shoes for women, according to professional golfers 2022

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There are many benefits to playing golf, such as getting fresh air and aerobic exercise. Plus, it’s an excuse to buy new equipment, such as clubs, clothes, and new women’s golf shoes (it’s not the best idea to wear the sneakers already in your closet). But beyond the finish of your outfit, golf shoes are an important part of your game as they provide traction and stability to help you swing your club effectively, whether you’re out on the fairway, in the rough, or stuck in. a sandbox.

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What to look for in a golf shoe

  • Tips vs without tips: Traditionally, golf shoes have spikes or cleats at the bottom to help them grip the ground. Spikes tend to give you more traction, but there are many good options without spikes that will keep you firm as well. And if you’re looking for a shoe that you can wear naturally, a spikeless shoe is not only comfortable but versatile. With a spikeless casual shoe, you can wear it after golf straight to a quick stop at the grocery store or aperitif with friends, and no one will notice you’re wearing golf shoes, says professional Julieta Stack. of the LPGA and the current Director of Instruction at the Baltimore Golf Academy. Whether you go with or without crampons, the most important thing is to make sure that your shoes really grip the ground. Stack advises trying on the shoes and doing some air movement to make sure your feet don’t slip. And if you go for spikes (which tend to be soft on most shoes now), check them after a while to make sure they don’t wear out.
  • Water resistance: A good pair of golf shoes will be water resistant so you can play all year round without worrying about damaged shoes or soggy socks. A plus: Water-resistant shoes last longer and hold up better than non-water-resistant shoes, says Amy Goodrich, former professional golfer and current registered dietitian specializing in performance nutrition for golfers. On rainy days, Stack recommends GORE-TEX shoes and a one or two year warranty on the waterproofness of the shoe.
  • Toe shape: While this is partly based on preference, Goodrich recommends that if you have a wider foot, look for shoes with more of a sneaker feel than a pointy toe.
  • In shape: Make sure you have room in the end of your shoe. Like any other shoe you would wear for hiking or walking, Stack says, your golf shoe should have a bit of room up front if you walk the course a lot. Also, if you are comfort conscious, you can add an insert. The cool feature of most golf shoes is that there is usually enough space to use a custom low profile brace, which provides additional support and comfort to golf shoes, says Dr Ashley Lee, podiatrist. and experienced golf player.

For more serious golfers, Stack recommends having multiple pairs of shoes: a premium pair for tournaments or special games, a pair for when it’s muddy or wet, and an everyday casual shoe that will keep your foot in. costs. Dr Lee has similar advice; she recommends having a breathable pair for hot days where your feet might swell more, and a waterproof pair for wet or rainy days.

Coming up, check out 12 of the best women’s golf shoes, spikeless and spikeless, to take you on your next round.

Best golf shoes for women with spikes

Footjoy First Series

First FootJoy Series – $ 170.00

These shoes combine traditional style with performance, explains Stack. They have low profile studs with good traction, are waterproof and are made of full grain leather.


FootJoy DryJoys – $ 180.00

The FootJoy DryJoys were a recommendation from several golfers; Goodrich said they were a top choice because of their water resistance. This pair has a BOA closure system that allows you to adjust the tightness of the shoe via a dial on the heel. BOAs are also a choice of Dawn Mercer, a Class A PGA Professional and Director of Education at Innisbrook Resort. Mercer says they have a solid, consistent shape around the arch of the foot and provide “great stability for the feet, which is a constant failure in most amateur swings.”

Footjoy MyJoys

FootJoy MyJoys – $ 230.00

If you are looking for a truly personalized shoe, FootJoy offers customizable pairs. For this classic spiked leather shoe, you can choose the color of the base, saddle, accent and laces, and even add a monogram to each shoe. Golf shoes aren’t always the most stylish or comfy part of your wardrobe, according to Stack, but with MyJoys you can create your own look.

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes for Women

Adidas CodeChaos

Adidas CodeChaos – $ 91.00

Besides being the coolest golf shoe, this pair from Adidas also features performance, stability, waterproofness and durability, says Stack. Made with recycled materials, these spikeless shoes have a waterproof knit upper that is breathable, has a cushioned feel and a grippy sole. They are available in three different bright colors to help you stand out on the course.

Puma Ignite Fasten8

Puma Ignite Fasten8 – $ 97.00

These Puma shoes look right at home whether you’re on the course or off. They are waterproof and have a molded sockliner for support. Stack says they are one of Puma’s most popular sellers because they are stylish, comfortable, and ideal golf lifestyle shoes.

Ecco BIOM Hybrid Shoes

Ecco BIOM Hybrid Shoes – $ 140.00

ECCO hybrid shoes have a European look and fit, says Stack. This paid is made of yak leather and is water repellent and has a low profile. They’re also designed with an anatomical shape to keep your feet comfortable and walking naturally for all 18 holes and then some, and they have a removable sockliner that provides cushioning.


BOA ECCO S-Three – $ 230.00

Another option in ECCO’s Hybrid line, the S-Three are made from leather and feature waterproof GORE-TEX technology to keep your feet dry no matter the weather. They have ergonomic soles and a BOA fit system on the tongue so you don’t have to worry about your laces unwinding halfway through a match.


G / FORE MG4 + – $ 185.00

Lightweight and waterproof, these shoes have a molded heel cup to keep your foot in place throughout your swing, and studs on the sole to massage the soles of your feet throughout the day. The inserts are removable and can be machine washed to keep your shoes fresh. They are good all-round shoes that are comfortable, stylish and waterproof, says Dr. Lee.

Skechers Max Women's Golf Shoe

Skechers Max Women’s Golf Shoe – $ 90.00

You may be familiar with Skechers walking shoes, but they also make golf shoes. Dr Lee says this pair is breathable and lightweight. They have both cushioning and support, long lasting traction on the sole and they are available in regular and wide sizes.

Adidas Climacool Cage Women's Golf Shoe

Adidas Climacool Cage Golf Shoe – $ 80.00

These Adidas shoes are a good option if you have wide feet or bunions because they have a soft mesh upper, says Dr Lee. They’re also lightweight and breathable, with stability built into the midfoot of the shoe.

ECCO Tray lace-up shoe

ECCO Platform Laced Shoes – $ 150.00

You might mistake this pair of golf shoes for regular sneakers, but they have a multi-directional traction sole to give you stability as you swing around the golf course. They are water repellent and have a cushioned sole and removable insole for added comfort.

ECCO Golf Cool Pro

ECCO Golf Cool Pro – $ 220.00

If your feet get hot while playing, these ECCO shoes are for you. They have lightweight leather and ventilation channels in the midsole for breathability, and they’re also waterproof, thanks to a GORE-TEX coating. Plus, with a sole that supports 800 traction angles, you’ll have a firm grip on the ground.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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