10 weird shoes to add to your wardrobe this summer



Footwear design evolves naturally with trends, innovation and time. Where would we be if professional basketball players still donned Chuck Taylors at the start of every game, after all? But in recent years, design evolution has reached a fever pitch, with each subsequent summer bringing even more bizarre and unique footwear. We’ve passed the Vibram Five Fingers, folks, it’s getting weird out there. It may seem a little daunting, but remember, it’s a good thing.

Because the element that so many of these wild and wacky designs have in common is comfort. And comfort is king in summer. So if you’re still sweating in shorts and struggling to figure out the right way to style your off-duty looks with tech sneakers and court-ready hi-tops, know that you’re not alone. And know that the solution to all your hot weather woes just might be in one of the 10 quirky pairs of shoes we’ve rounded up here to help you beat the heat with a little left-centric style.

Some offers are just a little different. Others chart their own path entirely with bulbous shapes and lots of moss. The mood you choose is entirely up to you. But whatever you choose will give your late summer look a good dose of extra excitement.

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